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Enjoy Spring Flowers in your home

Enjoy Spring Flowers in your home

Whether scooped up by the armful at the local market or snipped from the garden, cut flowers will bring life and beauty into your home, and the joy you get from looking at a bouquet on your desk or bedside table can help ease the angst of the moment. Try these simple ideas for where to tuck blooms of spring flowers.

Place blooms where you will see them first thing in the morning to start your day with a smile. Try a small florist’s bucket filled with garden clippings, a posy of roses on the bedside table, or a single long stem in a bud vase on your breakfast nook. A vase of flowers in a dressing area is a lovely touch---and really, couldn’t we all use a bit of the movie star treatment while getting ready to face the day? This is not the place for full-size vases, but just about any other vessel will do— try teacups, old votive holders, small water glasses, tea tins and jelly jars.

On the coffee table, short arrangements work best so not to get knocked over or interfere with conversation. A small, squat, round or square container is ideal. Keep it simple with one type of bloom per vessel, but be generous with the amount of flowers. Tie the bunch together with a twist tie, and then plunk them into the vase before untying. They should be trimmed so that just the flower heads and about half an inch of stem poke up over the rim of the vase. No vase? A teapot or soup tureen would work brilliantly.

A tall glass cylinder is the most versatile for one or two flower stalks. Keep it simple and don’t worry too much about arranging — just let the stems fall naturally to the side. Consider the water a design element — keep it clean and clear, and don’t fill the vase to the top. One third to one half filled is all you need.

On the dining table, a bunch of small bud vases lined up down the center of the table is much less intimidating to arrange than one large bouquet, and far more practical because you can actually see the other diners. On a round dining table, cluster bud vases of different sizes; an odd number like three or five will look most natural and give your home a touch of elegance.